Fraser Island Infographic

Fraser Island Infographic

Guide to Fraser Island Infographic

Off the coast of Queensland's Hervey Bay is the largest sand island in the world - Fraser Island.  Adorned with ancient rainforests, giant sand formations known as "sand blows", a 75-mile stretch of beach and over 100 freshwater lakes, it's an adventure waiting to happen.  Here we give you things you need to know before you go.


Fraser Facts

  • Fraser Island is 122 kilometers in length and 22 kilometers at its widest point
  • The oceans surrounding Fraser Island are home to turtles, sharks, dugong and seasonal humpback whales
  • Land residents include dingoes and over 300 different bird species


How to get there

  • Fraser Island Barges operate ferries and barges daily from River Heads (Hervey Bay) to Kingfisher Bay Resort and Wangoolba Creek on the west side of Fraser Island
  • Manta Ray operates a barge from Inskip Point (Rainbow Beach) to Hook Point on the south of Fraser Island


Where to Stay

If you like to sleep under the stars, you will love Fraser Island!  There are endless choices for campsites across the island. Take a look at the map in the infographic for our fave camping spots including:

  • Central Station
  • Frasers at Cathedral Beach
  • Waddy Point
  • Sandy Cape
  • Wathumba


Camping Tips

  • Remember to obtain a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) camping permit and information pack before arriving on Fraser
  • Boil or treat water before drinking
  • Bring a stash of gold coins to treat yourself to a hot shower at the end of the day

If camping is not your cup of tea, there are other accommodation options on the island including:


4WD Driving Tip
  • Ensure you obtain your vehicle access permit before driving on Fraser Island


Points of Interest

After you have rolled out your sleeping bag, it' time to see all of what Fraser has to offer: