Llewellyn Dive Site

East Mackay, Mackay Area

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Exciting wreck diving is to be had at the historic 'Llewellyn' site, east of Mackay on the Great Barrier Reef.

This 34 metre long, single screw coastal steamer was last seen departing Cape Capricorn Lighthouse on 17 July 1919 and disappeared during heavy gales as it sailed from Rockhampton to Bowen.

Although wreckage was found on St Bees Island not long after the incident, the wreck site itself was not discovered until 1997. The Llewellyn lies in about 35 metres of water, appoximately halfway between St Bees Island and Bailey Islet.

Sadly, there was some loss of life from this incident. Given it’s historical significance, the Llewellyn wreck requires a permit to approach within 500 metres of the site.

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East Mackay, Mackay Area

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