Sandstone Wilderness

Towering cliffs, mystifying caves and overhangs, clear running streams and a colourful medley of vegetation communities signify you’re in the Sandstone Wilderness. These wonders radiate from the Great Dividing Range in all directions and, within Outback Queensland, you’ll encounter this rugged and varied landscape at its finest.

National parks

Marvel at the maze of sandstone escarpments, gorges, creeks and waterfalls showcased within Kroombit Tops National Park. Isla Gorge National Park protects a number of rare and threatened plant species amidst its sculpted sandstone cliffs that also come alive with colour with the movement of the sun. The height of Expedition National Park sheer cliffs afford panoramic views of the Carnarvon ranges. Wander up to the Robinson Gorge Lookout or take the Sheperd’s Peak Trail for a higher vantage point.

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