Infographic: Fishing

This catchy fish facts infographic has all the tips and tricks you will ever need about your next fishing trip in Queensland.

Fishing in Mackay Infographic

More Fish Facts

  • Fish have been on earth for over 450 million years, they were here before dinosaurs!
  • Fishing dates back to the Upper Palaeolithic period 40,000 years ago. 
  • Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids.
  • There are more Black Marlin caught on the Great Barrier Reef than in the rest of the world.
  • All Clownfish are born as males, it’s not until the dominant female of the group dies that a male turns into a female. NEMO!!!!
  • Most fish have tastebuds all over their bodies.
  • Fish can drown in water if there is not enough Oxygen.
  • Sharks and rays have to swim all the time, even when sleeping, or else they will sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Queensland Fishing Facts

  • There are 6,000 kilometres of shoreline in Queensland.
  • Queensland has 1855 species of fish - 1625 of which are found on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • About 45% of Queensland fishermen own a boat.
  • Fishing with a line is the most popular fishing method in Queensland.
  • 50% of all fishing in Queensland is shore based.
  • Residents living in the Brisbane, Moreton and Wide Bay-Burnett regions are responsible for nearly 70% of all Queensland fishing efforts. 
  • Resident recreational fishers capture approximately 13.3 million individual fish per year.
  • The three most commonly caught Queensland fish (30% of all fish caught) are Yellowfin Bream, Sand Whiting and Trumpeter Whiting. 
  • The most commonly caught fish on the Great Barrier Reef are Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor, Tropical Snapper and Sweetlip. 
  • The two most commonly caught freshwater fish are Golden Perch and Australian Bass.
  • Recreational fishermen catch 1.4 million Mud Crabs, 3 million Prawns and 3.5 million other crustaceans like Yabbies each year.

Know Before you Go

We all love fresh fish and there is nothing wrong with keeping a few legal fish for the table, but please make sure that you use sustainable fishing practices when in Queensland.

Top 3 Sustainable Fishing Tips
  1. Practice catch and release fishing, unless it’s an invasive species.
  2. Fish with lead-free weights
  3. Pack up what you pack in – take all your rubbish with you.
View the Protected and No Take Species or visit our fishing tips page to learn about permits, size limits, and safety information for your next fishing trip.

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