Infographic: Whale Facts

Whale Infographic

Whale Facts

  • Growing to up to 16 metres in length and weighing up to 40 tonne, a single whale can be equivalent to eleven elephants or 600 people.
  • Whales are very active creatures; regularly perform a variety of behaviours like pectoral slapping, tail flapping and breaching.
  • Whales can live to at least 48 years, but it is likely to be higher and probably closer to 100 years!
  • Whale songs are only sung by the males and can last from a few moments to an hour and travel for hundreds of kilometres. These sounds of around 170 decibels!
  • A whales cruising speed when leisurely moving is 3.5 knots to 5 knots but when chased they can reach speeds of 9 or 10 knots.
  • Their annual migration from Antarctica to Queensland covers 10,000 km’s (5000km each way) between May – November.
  • Hervey Bay has now been recognised as the only genuine stop-over on the humpback whales' southern migration along Australia's east coast and is known as the whale watching capital of the world.

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